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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  March 17, 2010 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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>> yes. >> has changed the name down to fox hollow because the foxes used to steal the golf ball. they had a vote and came up with fox hollow, ravens wood was up for a nomination. >> our web producer larry said it is because the fox egg. >> good. >> when is the last time you played at long view. >> working on it, they were fixing the holes. it should be in great shape. i like that because long view makes you think you are going to have to keep the driver out for a little extra swings. we got good weather to dry out those greens on this st. patrick's day, warm weather is here, we hit 63, and it will continue through the weekend as we aim for 70 for the first time in four months. that could happen before the week en. we have a widespread of mid-30s to mid-40s, sun up in one hour and 15 minutes and after that sun throughout the day as we
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aim for the guarantee here in baltimore. the roads are actually looking really good off to a good start, to begin your wednesday commute as we look at the harrisburg expressway just north of 695, you can see traffic on the southbound lanes ton left hand side of the screen moving without any problems as you approach the beltway, the beltway itself is k looing good on both lob loop, sides on the west and east without any problem, a heads up out in rising sun, telegraph road closed in both directions because of a crash, and if you are headed down to the dc area, this has been a problem all morning, 295 southbound at green belt road closed because because of a really bad accident, they have one lane reopened but try route 1 or 95 as an alternate expect significant delays and as we check the drive times looking really good, between route 100 to 395. that's a nine minute road, 29 southbound, down to route 32 it will take you nine minutes as well and on route 70
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approaching i-95, seven minutes so far. back to you. all right kim, 6:01, perhaps no family feels worse than the foster family, their daughter was murdered. >> a man they knew they brought into their own home is the one accused of doing it. he was body was fan in virginia, about an hour and a half drive from baltimore. we have a message from most fosters mother. >> get help if you are being abused because the consequences can be deadly. 23-year-old foster was shot in the head and stomach. her body was found in a ditch two weeks ago. her boyfriend, frederick christian has been charged with killing her. her family feared the worse when she didn't show up for work or thanksgiving. fosters mother believed all other long the point boyfriend was responsible. but she didn't know her daughter was in an abusive
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relationship until it was too late. now the little girl has lost both of her pans. >> the family has set up a fund to help pay for the funeral. her mother says she did not have insurance. if you would like more information on how to help, go to abc 2 new. >> >> all right. there are new questions this morning as to whether anything could have been done to save the body who was found buried in druid hill park over the week en. 28-year-old remains in scale jail this morning. her son was killed of blunt force trauma to the head. he was less than two months old. she had four other children taken away from her and placed into foster homes. the head of the department of social services told abc 2 news the department could not have known about her latest child unless a neighbor or a family
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member called them. >> what happened? what really happened? what went through her mind to make her do this? >> in annapolis a bill is being debated that would force department of social services to release information on the deaths of children in its system. right now they're not required to do so. there's a hearing oen this bill coming up today, on first and second degree murder as well as child abuse. >> baltimore county police are searching for suspects in the murder of a perez, he was found dead last week, his body showed signs of head trauma. an autopsy result revealed yesterday confirmed his death was in fact a murder. state police are investigating a possible murder suicide, just north of ham stead, authorities got a call just after 1 11:00 yesterday morning from a woman who said she saw two people may have
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been shot. when troopers arrived they found two men dead, the woman said her exhusband broke in and shot her fiance and then himself. the woman was not hurt. the state of frederick, well, it is not going happen, the frederick county commissioner, from the state of maryland. the panel voted four to one yesterday again the republican, who had this resolution. now that commissioner had proposed a succession as a way of protesting what he calls the general asemimri's financial irresponsibility. waking up fredericks the 51st, ronald reagan was. >> the fact we know but we may all flunk because our history is changing because of what's happening in texas. sherrie johnson is here to explain the text book controversy. >> for years the state of texas
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has publishedt books all across the us including maryland. the state board of education, voted to accept recommendations on chainings for social study, economics and hily, it can mean big changes because texas is a big market leader in the school text industry sets requirements for 80% of the next book be market. conservatives on the state board of education are taking former massachusetts senator ted kennedy out of the history booking and facing newt and the national rifle association in the textbooks, even questioned and the actions of anticommunist senator joe mccarthy are shown more positive. contributions of minorities are shortchanged. >> by certain groups that has significantly contributed to the independence of texas,.
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>> now we contacted several school districts about how this could affect them. hartford county responded by say saying we -- a balanced perspective for our students this is done through primary sources, teacher created activities and research done by curriculum writing teams. the texas board will vote on final recommendations in may. abc # new. >> >> this is why we have mommies because you bring the textbooks home and the mommy goes what in the world are they teaching you. give me the principal. we want your two cents. do you feel it can impact the rest of the country. patricia wrote in and says no both sides always need to be presented if the teacher fail to do that then they are failing their students. so, if you want to join with patricia or take another view, send us your two cents right
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now, log on to facebook fan page and we will share your mens just like we did with pats throughout the res of the morning. >> all right. let's look at weather. >> all right. we are looking outside with clear sky and a cool down into the 30s, at least in many spots, a widespread though, while it is officially 37 now, under the clear sky and light northwest wind, many are spue the 40s and we expect to have a quick jump, 7:15 is official sunrise and after that, full sun going for a high into the involve again, and do i hear 70 once, oh maybe we will hear 70 twice. we will have that forecast in just a bit. 6:08. here is kim with traffic. no problems this morning on 83, 95 or or 695, traffic is looking really good around our area, a road closure in cecil county because of a crash out in rising sun, if you are traveling to dc area, expect
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some big delay, i will give the latest details on that serious incident on the parkway, megan and jamie back to you. >> and checked into sex rehab. and tiger woods is coming back to golf. >> it is a bird, it's a plane, it's a horse. you called it. >> air horse 1,. >> also this morning we have seen it before but we were assured it would never happen again, a cell phone video as a stranded passenger took as he waited on a plane for hours.
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. a developing story. if you look at this home page from augusta, not one mention, not one pictureover tiger woods. >> nothing, nothing. that's probably the way he wants it. why he is coming back to the very controlled masters, the t to like playing rocky point. he's going to try to win at the masters. jetters from the gal rei, press secretary to manage his image.
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it changes the subject and gets him off the defense and on offense. >> he has acknowledged he has undergown therapy and still has a lot to work on his personal life. time is 6:13. yesterday was glorious. >> awesome, did you put your shovel away, did you put it away. >> i did. >> good. all right. now here is justin with our weather. >> now, the forecast certified most accurate by weather rate, and maryland's most powerful doppler radar. 6:13. yesterday we did hit 63 overshooting even our call of hitting 60 and we will probably build on that for each day into the weekend. good stuff and we earned it off this record snowy season. look at baltimore county, 43 that's relatively mild for
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what's a normally cooler valley section, and check out 33 in columbia, that's a ten degree spread, big spread across the area and that's why this morning temperatures really tough call whether you are in the mid-30s or mid-40s. after we get the sun in about an hour, we will even out the playing field and although right now at 37 in baltimore, it is mid-30s across the board, mid atlantic from the official reporting stations even if your back beyond reasonable doubt -- backyard running a little warmer, it is 7:15, an hour and one minute away, but we will have a sunny day as with we watch this storm system in the storm track that's continued to hit the deep expowght still -- south and still, spring break season is a soaker today down toward the sunshine state but as far as we're concerned that bypasses us and allows high pressure and we have a warming
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trend, but we got yesterday continues today and into the weekend. for today, baltimore should get us for some reason, this thermometer does not want to stick. 64 our call in baltimore, two degree guarantee, 64, we will take your north and west, it should get up to 61 westminster, slightly cooler at 62. we will head pack toward howard county but upper 50s on in through annapolis. up to about 30, down to 37 overnight, under clear sky, put we will build it back tomorrow, even warmer at 68. check out the seven day forecast and how many times we can hit the 70s. here is kim brown with traffic. >> thanks, justin. doe have volume starting to pick up just a little bit around a lot of major, but for the most part, traffic is off to a fantastic start, moving on a really good pace with not many incident, no accidents around the baltimore metro, everything looking protothe i good here on the beltway on the
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west side starting to pick up down toward 95 here on the outer loop slowing off in distance, wilkins avenue here, no problems there, and no problems really on 9 afrom the white marsh boulevard down toward the tunnels. drive time picking up because of the increased volume, 95 southbound down toward 895 split, still on a four minute ride, 95 southbound, down to the fort mchenry moving really well, only five minutes to make that stretch and from the key bridge out to 97 only seven minutes so far this morning but a couple of incidents one in cecil county, and the big one this morning 295 southbound at green belt road remains closed. so expect a lot of bail out traffic. >> happy st. patrick's day to everybody but happy birthday to
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the select few who are born on this day like emfully pathologist mother turning seven, she's gorgeous s. that a green crown. >> it is happy birthday, you share a birthday with mia, she's 38 and patrick duffey turns 61. >> all right. if you are having a birthday, we want to know aid and abet, send us an e-mail and a photo and tell us about yourself and all of that good stuff. we will put it on good morning maryland. we have a lot of fun with birthday, we will with this. tell me about this. >> wishing you happy birthday, back to work on good morning maryland in a whole new way to market yourself. >> starting right now, we want you to send us your resumes if you are trying to get a job, the e-mail address bestresumes at each week we contact three people come in and you get a 20
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second video as to where you should be considered for the job. >> this awill allow potential employers not only to read your, but they will see you on tv. viewers log on to with eastbound site and see what resumes are throughout and we random slay select three of the best and give you an opportunity to vote on them online. >> all right. coming up next a washington machine washer for color clothes and a dishwasher pretty self explanatory. >> this one makes it a little easier to wash your best friend. is it a good idea. plus the president, how far does he think -- from our commander in chief but first, our business news from abc right now. tabooed morning, in today's -- good morning, in today's money scope t federal reserve doesn't, they kept rates locked and say it will stay there for
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an extended per. the same language the central bank has been using but the fed is more upbeat saying economic continues to strengthen. helped higher the dow climbed had 4 points. congress is threatening to take actions if china does not let the currency rise in value again the dollar, calling for stiff trade sanctions if china does not act. some say it is undervalued by as much as 40% which leads to a huge trade imbalance and you are thes job growth here. >> honda is recalling more than 400,000 vehicles because of the brake, odysseys and elements from the 2007 and 2008 years. overtime, the brake pedals must be pressed hard. wait to get a letter before scheduling a repair sphwhrvment. >> pepsi is expanding on the pledge to stop selling sure ago drinks in schools in the u.s.,
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it will remain full calorie drinks from schools in more than 200 countries by 2012. the world heart federation has been fighting for the change. starbucks customers will approximate able to design their own, the blended ice drink that makes up about 10% of the chain's sales. according to the wall street journal some of options will include soy milk instead of dairy, decaffeinated, light syrup and no whipped cream. they will be available in may. coming up on good morning america, making the most of your college tour, what students and parents feed to do to find the right school on gma. that's your money scope report.
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. 6:22, st. patrick's day it looks fantastic here in baltimore, yesterday 63. we take it up to 64 this afternoon, with mostly sunny t jacket again this morning will be one you carry home. overnight we will slip pack into the over 30s and a jump to 68 tomorrow. now yesterday, we had called for 70 pushing into the weekend it may actually happen two times. aiming near 70 on friday and saturday as well with a sunny sky and lows mid to upper 40s. next weather system with clouds and shower cooling down sunday and monday. at 6:23 let's go back to the roads and hopefully we will cool your perspective on the commute. with kim brown. >> there this morning is looking pretty good up and down 95, really no problems same
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with the baltimore beltway, no issues there as well. quick heads up in cecil county, they did reopen but the southbound at green belt road remains closed at this time, expect major delays as you head to dc on both of the routes of 95 and 1 because a lot of people will take those alternate routes this morning. back to you. you can lead a horse to water but can you make him fly? take a look at this. >> glau what did you call it. >> air force 1, poor guy. >> the horse was stranded, and he was air lifted to safety yesterday. rescuers sedated the horse named colorado before strapping him, colorado was swept away by the rushing waters of the river. under the golden gate
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bridge to reach their de nation in oakland. officials would have liked to have waited for a low tide but mother nature not cooperating. look at that, the cranes cleared the bridge by five to ten feet but with no damage to the cranes or thank goodness the bridge. >> all right. you don't like to smell of your dog but you can't stand being scratched as you wrestle to try to get him into the bath. well it turns out a company in japan has the answer. the dog wash. you put the k-9 in the machine, shut the door, you can see it select the right dog-friendly program. don't worry, it is safe, the water is 95 degrees and shampoo: right now only small dogs can use the technology, don't put a mast i in there. >> quarters and try to put them in there. >> i think it would traumatize a dog. i don't think i would try at that. >> i nope workers are alive and
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alert. >> we have a -- who fell in water not once but twice. >> why rescuers say the pooch was determined to stay out of the water. plap
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. >> a really sad story you may remember this back on thanksgiving. fasters parents said where is my daughter and they suspected the boyfriend. he is now unare. >> mover over toyota, next up honda, if you have one of these cars, you are being toll to bring it pack to the shop. >> wasn't this supposed to stop, airways says that the plane was only on the tarmac for four and a half hours. passengers are fuming over this delay. and their day on the ground. oh: . >> so frustrating to hear about. >> our guy during the snowstorm, how long, anybody remember? >> oh, he was i think eight hours just sitting, waiting to leave. >> it was posed to stop; right. >> yeah we will see. >> happy st. patrick's day. >> are you irish. >> yeah, how about you? >> yes. >> it is costello over there. >> costello. here is


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